MDI/UMass Consortium NERC/CIIRED Field Seminars in Subirana, Yoro Honduras from Richard Trubey on Vimeo.

The nonprofit Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) conducts field workshops for faculty of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) at Fair Trade Cooperative COMISUYL in Subirana, Yoro, Honduras. MDI’s innovations in coffee processing using clean technology and biodiversity-friendly production methods are presented by MDI’s Director of Research and Planning, Raul Raudales, along with our student researchers from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) and (UNAH). The efforts are part of a developing collaboration called the Networked Engineering Research Center (NERC)/Centro de Investigación de Ingeniería en Red (CIIRED).

The research and seminars involve the producer communities of Cooperative COMISUYL and the farmer-owned Biocombustibles de Yoro, S.A. (BYSA), producers of Jatropha oil. Supporters of the research and seminars include the US Fish & Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service International Programs, National Science Foundation, University of Massachusetts Lowell and Amherst, and Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Nations (HIVOS).

Utv – A Production of the National Autonomous University of Honduras
MDI/UMass Consortium NERC/CIIRED Field Seminars in Subirana, Yoro Honduras
Executive Director: Juan Carlos Soto Baquero
Director: Manuel Torres
Technical Director: Gregorio Mendez
Realization: Juan Leonardy Martinez
Camera: Salome Castillio
Editing & Post Production: Julieta Montoya


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  • It is the first coffee to be processed using 100 per cent clean, renewable energy from solar panels.
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  • Increasing sustainability in the coffee industry using innovative clean energy technology and forest-friendly farming methods.
  • Helping independent farmer organizations by providing economic security, valuable training and better job opportunities.
  • Supporting women in important management positions in Central America.