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First of A Kind Coffee

Solar-dried using innovative renewable energy technology.


No Burning Of Wood

New drying method to eliminate the need of burning forests.


Throughout Central America, the equivalent to 6,500 hectares of forest is consumed each year to supply the firewood for drying the coffee harvest. As the global demand for coffee increases, forests are cleared for coffee plantations, contributing significantly to deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change.


Coffee Processed Using Renewable Energy Technology


Café Solar® is processed using renewable energy. Your purchase supports the introduction of solar/biofuel processing and forest-friendly coffee plantations in harmony with tropical forests and the eight national parks within the Yoro Biological Corridor in Honduras. Café Solar® is hermetically protected from our mill to Red Barn Coffee Roasters, our artisan roaster, to preserve quality and aid in the prevention of mold and its ochratoxin. Choosing Café Solar® promotes the introduction and scale-up of a production method  that conserve and restores forest habitat on farms coupled with carbon-neutral processing in support of healthy watersheds and community development within the Yoro Biological Corridor.

Ready To Make A Global Difference?